Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

Keyboard shortcuts help you be more productive since you won’t have to waste time searching for something with the mouse or trackpad. Let’s see the most practical ones. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to the need to be in constant communication with your work team. Chat, calls, messages, notes … Everything in a single space.

Microsoft Teams shortcuts

And like any good productivity tool, Microsoft Teams has keyboard shortcuts with which to take advantage of its most used functions directly from the keyboard and leaving aside the mouse or trackpad.

Thus, memorizing a few keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to do Microsoft Teams tasks in seconds, such as searching for something, starting a new conversation, entering each section of the application, sending a message or answering a message thread, making an audio call or a video call, and a long etcetera.

The following shortcuts work in Microsoft Teams in both its desktop version of Windows and macOS and its web version.

Basic Microsoft Teams shortcuts

If you want to search for something in Microsoft Teams, try the CTRL + E shortcut (CMD + E on macOS). The Help is always there with F1, CTRL + F1 in its Web version. And to tweak Settings, use the shortcut CTRL + comma (,) , changing CTRL to CMD on macOS.

Common tasks such as Close is done with ESC, zoom in and out with CTRL + equal or minus sign and to move through each section, you must use CTRL + the numbers from 1 to 6. This will change between Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendars, Calls and Files respectively.

If you are on a list, you can easily scroll through it. To go to the previous or next item, press ALT and the up or down arrows. And if you want to move the selected item in that list, CTRL + MAY + up or down arrows.

Messages, meetings and calls in Microsoft Teams

To start a new conversation or chat in Microsoft Teams must press CTRL + N. To send messages, CTRL + Enter. To go to the box where you write the message, press the C.

If you want to attach a file, CTRL + O. Answer a thread with the R key and mark a message as important, CTRL + MAY + i

To start an audio call, CTRL + SHIFT + C . And to answer an incoming call, CTRL + SHIFT + S . If you want to start a video call, CTRL + SHIFT + U. And to answer an incoming video call, CTRL + SHIFT + A . If you can not answer a call or video call, you can reject them with CTRL + SHIFT + D.

In a video call, you can enable or disable the audio with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M and do the same with the video with CTRL + SHIFT + O. And if you need anything from the sharing toolbar, hit the CTRL + SHIFT + Space keys.

To finish, the shortcut of the shortcuts. To see the available keyboard shortcuts, just press CTRL and the period (.). If you use Mac, change CTRL to CMD.