How To Create Art With Robots?

Artist and researcher Sougwen Chung have spent years working with artificial intelligence to see how far machines can collaborate on her projects. Currently, she creates art with robots, which she and her team have developed.

Robotic art

Whether we like it or not, technology is very present in our day today. From in the morning, when the mobile alarm wakes us up, until before going to sleep when we catch the dream watching Movistar + or reading in our ebook. The latest trend is to create art with robots.

Likewise, technology is part of many of our jobs. Although we are not aware of this, many companies rely on machines to complete their projects. Clear examples of this are automobile factories or packaging companies.

This is the case of the artist Sougwen Chung, who for a few years has been working with artificial intelligence to develop new processes for human creativity. Because if robots start doing all the work of the human being, what is left for him?

Through many years of research, the artist understood that human and machine must complement each other to create art. In other words: collaboration is the key to establishing a space for both.

Working Hand in Hand with AI

Researcher Fei-Fei Li said a while ago: “If we want to teach machines to think, we must first teach them how to see.” Taking this as inspiration, Sougwen Chung educated his team’s robots’ view through video surveillance cameras.

In this way, a human and non-human vision come together in one to work in parallel, but collaboratively.

Despite the artist’s claim that working with AI is a complicated and tedious process, she believes that “by teaching machines how to do traditionally human-made work, we can explore and develop our own judgment of what people have made possible.”.

Part of this evolution is accepting the imperfections and the mistake that can be made, both on the human side and on that of the robots, in order to expand the potential of both.