Mobile Apps for Senior Citizens

More and more elderly people who dare to use mobile devices, this brings them greater integration in the digital age. In addition, its use provides them with a more autonomous life and the possibility of maintaining a closer relationship with their younger relatives. In these days of quarantine in which we find ourselves, not only the youngest can take advantage and entertainment from mobile applications. It is important that our elders also have fun and entertain.

Mobile apps for senior citizens

Surely you know someone who can use some games to pass the time, so we recommend the five mobile applications that can help them pass this quarantine more entertaining.


It is a letter game based on the famous Words With Friends or Scrabble, which has the advantage of being able to be shared with connected people throughout the world.

The mission is to score as many points as you can by forming words on the game board vertically or horizontally. The objective of the game is to earn more points than your opponent by forming words on the board. You have the option of choosing an opponent among your friends by entering their email or username or playing with a random person. The application is available in 15 languages.

Happy Color

Happy Color is a colouring game for adults. The 6000 images there are free, with more than 15 categories, such as animals, places, sports, music, games, fantasy, art and many more.

Jigsaw Puzzle

It is a fun puzzle game, to be enjoyed without having to collect anything or worry about losing pieces. Choose your number of puzzle pieces and voila, it’s that simple! Jigsaw Puzzle is the only application made by puzzle experts.


The Mahjong is a solitary source Chinese. The objective is to form pairs of free equal tiles. The tabs must be visible and cannot be blocked from the left or right. Each time you mix the tiles 60 seconds will be added to your time. Choose the board that you like the most and enjoy.

Escape Room

If it is the first time that you hear this word, don’t worry, we will update you in a moment. The escape games are activities that take place in rooms where they lock you up there you have to solve puzzles and escape as soon as you can from the room.

Obviously, the experience you have with escape room apps will never be the same as playing live. However, these apps can help you exercise your mind and prepare your neurons.

We hope you liked these recommendations of gaming apps for our elders, remember that it is important that you stay entertained and active in this quarantine.

Family entertainment from Movistar +

With the Movistar Apps, the elderly of the house can not only entertain themselves but also stay active and have a good time with others in the living room of their home. These applications, which do not require downloading, are available on Movistar + for all Fusion clients that have the UHD Decoder at home. And access could not be easier! They just have to access the “Apps” section of the Movistar + menu with the remote control and start enjoying musical, sports, cultural content and much more!

With Movistar Home, for example, the elderly can also be in contact with their loved ones and make video calls in a very simple way. They just need to know the landline, the lifelong phone number they want to call.

What is WalmartOne Website

Walmart is and multination American corporation which is under retailing services. The corporation has a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores. Because of how large this corporation is and how massive its number of employees are, they made it a point to create a website, and now a mobile app called Walmartone to make it easier for everyone to know important information with regards to Walmart.


What Does The Application Do?

The walmartone application provided is mainly for the use of its associates. Whenever they access it, they will be able to see their personal schedules and paystubs as well as other information which could be used by the user. The higher ups of the company have realized how easier it will be if they have a centralized system when it comes to providing schedules and information regarding an associate’s pay plus it would also be convenient on the part of the employee since they can access it online.

Please be aware that if you are not an employee of any store that is under Walmart, you will not be able to access the entirety of Walmartone because it will need you to enter your username and password which will only be provided if you are with them. However, there are circumstances wherein even if you are a part of their company and yet you cannot access your account. This event will only rise if you are a new hire or has just been re-hired. You will not be able to get ahold of your account for some time because you will have to wait until your information has been entered to every single HR system. The process could take up to days and may even go as far as when you receive your paycheck. For re-hires, even if you already have an account, you will still have to register again because unused accounts are usually closed.

Steps need to be done to access WalmartOne Associate Login.

  • Open the website using a browser or App using your computer or phone (Android or Iphone). Now enter the website link of WalmartOne The browser will now show the WalmartOne website.
  • Once you entered the website and now you can see the Login link in the top corner of the website. Click on it and click sign in button.
  • Now give your User ID and password and then click on the login button to enter.
  • Once you have accessed the WalmartOne associate. Now you can view your paystubs online, view Walmart schedules, view benefits and taxes and other work-related resources.

The Details and Facilities

The portal of WalmartOne is an easy entrance as long as you have the correct details for logging into the app. But you are not allowed to access the application from your residence. The information of the staffs is secured by Walmart by limiting access to the application.

walmartone app

So you are allowed to look into your profile for Walmart from your working area only. In other words, you are only allowed to log in to your WalmartOne Login account from Walmart computers only. You are allowed to manage your account this way and also you can update the schedule. In addition, you can watch and sign in for the benefits that are put up by the organization. It is not just limited to that. You can also use your profile to have a chitchat with the other employees of the organization.

Walmart Wire – The HR

It would be correctly said that this is the single stop for the staffs for self-service. It basically acts as the HR department for the company. You can access all your personal information and get hold of the resources from this portal. You can also visit the website to get a new shift from this website, but you need to do that while you are still at work. All you need for this is the Walmart Identification number to put up the request and the HR team will look on to your request and arrange the timings for you.

Since you are not allowed to access the portal from your home, you can save the information files or take print outs for later reference from your workplace computers. The WalmartOne login is very easy. All you need to do is open up the web browser and visit With you WIN, password and Walmart computer at your disposal, it is the easiest and quickest way to access your account. Well, once you are done with the login, you can do all tasks at ease and also get the various benefits from the organization right at your fingertips.

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

Keyboard shortcuts help you be more productive since you won’t have to waste time searching for something with the mouse or trackpad. Let’s see the most practical ones. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to the need to be in constant communication with your work team. Chat, calls, messages, notes … Everything in a single space.

Microsoft Teams shortcuts

And like any good productivity tool, Microsoft Teams has keyboard shortcuts with which to take advantage of its most used functions directly from the keyboard and leaving aside the mouse or trackpad.

Thus, memorizing a few keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to do Microsoft Teams tasks in seconds, such as searching for something, starting a new conversation, entering each section of the application, sending a message or answering a message thread, making an audio call or a video call, and a long etcetera.

The following shortcuts work in Microsoft Teams in both its desktop version of Windows and macOS and its web version.

Basic Microsoft Teams shortcuts

If you want to search for something in Microsoft Teams, try the CTRL + E shortcut (CMD + E on macOS). The Help is always there with F1, CTRL + F1 in its Web version. And to tweak Settings, use the shortcut CTRL + comma (,) , changing CTRL to CMD on macOS.

Common tasks such as Close is done with ESC, zoom in and out with CTRL + equal or minus sign and to move through each section, you must use CTRL + the numbers from 1 to 6. This will change between Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendars, Calls and Files respectively.

If you are on a list, you can easily scroll through it. To go to the previous or next item, press ALT and the up or down arrows. And if you want to move the selected item in that list, CTRL + MAY + up or down arrows.

Messages, meetings and calls in Microsoft Teams

To start a new conversation or chat in Microsoft Teams must press CTRL + N. To send messages, CTRL + Enter. To go to the box where you write the message, press the C.

If you want to attach a file, CTRL + O. Answer a thread with the R key and mark a message as important, CTRL + MAY + i

To start an audio call, CTRL + SHIFT + C . And to answer an incoming call, CTRL + SHIFT + S . If you want to start a video call, CTRL + SHIFT + U. And to answer an incoming video call, CTRL + SHIFT + A . If you can not answer a call or video call, you can reject them with CTRL + SHIFT + D.

In a video call, you can enable or disable the audio with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M and do the same with the video with CTRL + SHIFT + O. And if you need anything from the sharing toolbar, hit the CTRL + SHIFT + Space keys.

To finish, the shortcut of the shortcuts. To see the available keyboard shortcuts, just press CTRL and the period (.). If you use Mac, change CTRL to CMD.

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to a PC or Mac

Tools like scrappy allow you to control your Android smartphone from your PC or Mac. Ideal for your daily work or for app testing tasks. Genymobile is a company dedicated to facilitating work with Android devices and with this software platform. Its flagship product is Genymotion, a tool that allows you to test applications and services on Android without the need for dedicated physical devices.

Mirror Your Android Screen

On the other hand, in its GitHub repository, it offers us a free tool called scrcpy that is used to control your Android from your PC or Mac simply by connecting it by USB cable or by Wi-Fi.

Thus, with script it will be more comfortable to carry out tests with Android for applications or web services or simply view your smartphone without having to physically unlock the screen.

Joining Smartphone and Computer

There are several methods for your Android smartphone to interact with your PC or Mac. There are some that use the Internet and others that work using a USB cable. In the case of scrcpy you can use both methods.

Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux, you will need to have Android 5.0 or higher installed, something that happens in practically all current Android devices. In addition, you must activate the ADB Debugging function as explained on the official Android page.

The first practical feature of scrcpy is that it displays the Android screen on your PC or Mac desktop. Second, you can record the screen for tutorials or another video format.

Following scrcpy’s instructions, it is possible to connect your device also via Wi-Fi and even connect several devices at the same time.

As for the remote control, we can synchronize the clipboards, install applications from the PC or Mac, ideal to test your own applications, move or copy files, see notifications …

The only downside to scrcpy is that it is not intended for the average user. Hence, their functions require some preparation and practice to master them. In any case, once you become familiar with its keyboard shortcuts and how it works, you can get more out of it by controlling two or more Android devices from your computer, with or without cables.

If you need help, you can check the scrcpy help page and answer your questions. Also, review this official introductory article.

How To Create Art With Robots?

Artist and researcher Sougwen Chung have spent years working with artificial intelligence to see how far machines can collaborate on her projects. Currently, she creates art with robots, which she and her team have developed.

Robotic art

Whether we like it or not, technology is very present in our day today. From in the morning, when the mobile alarm wakes us up, until before going to sleep when we catch the dream watching Movistar + or reading in our ebook. The latest trend is to create art with robots.

Likewise, technology is part of many of our jobs. Although we are not aware of this, many companies rely on machines to complete their projects. Clear examples of this are automobile factories or packaging companies.

This is the case of the artist Sougwen Chung, who for a few years has been working with artificial intelligence to develop new processes for human creativity. Because if robots start doing all the work of the human being, what is left for him?

Through many years of research, the artist understood that human and machine must complement each other to create art. In other words: collaboration is the key to establishing a space for both.

Working Hand in Hand with AI

Researcher Fei-Fei Li said a while ago: “If we want to teach machines to think, we must first teach them how to see.” Taking this as inspiration, Sougwen Chung educated his team’s robots’ view through video surveillance cameras.

In this way, a human and non-human vision come together in one to work in parallel, but collaboratively.

Despite the artist’s claim that working with AI is a complicated and tedious process, she believes that “by teaching machines how to do traditionally human-made work, we can explore and develop our own judgment of what people have made possible.”.

Part of this evolution is accepting the imperfections and the mistake that can be made, both on the human side and on that of the robots, in order to expand the potential of both.