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Welcome to Florida, now what?

Tired of the Arkadia pool parties and bored with Ft.Lauderdale beach, but want some fun in the sun? Well, we’re here to keep theparty going and show you the coolest spots that the tourists don’t know about. Let’s start at the tip of the sunshine state and work our way to the top. If you haven’t been…

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Lust Vodka POV: The Blue @ The Boca Resort

Hello there, My name is Lust Vodka. Today I found a new home at The Blue at the Boca Raton Resort. And I LOVE it here. Follow me i’ll show you the way. Just follow this hallway……     Then push this button. And up to the top we gooooooo….. The view up here is…

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Lust vodka is blended with the purest water from natural aquifers deep beneath the lakes of central Florida

    To get the purest vodka we use the purest water.  Lust vodka is made with the purest water from natural aquifers deep beneath Florida lakes.       What exactly is an aquifer and how does it produce such pure water?  An aquifer is a body of saturated rock through which water can…

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Decades Of Florida Hospitality Distilled Into Every Bottle

♥Lust Vodka celebrates its Florida roots based on a lifestyle of sun, surf, and style♥     Made in Florida and enjoyed in Florida   ♥ L.V.

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