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We’re Bringing Back The JELL-O Shot…And You Can’t Stop Us

You might have read one of our last posts about vodka popsicles, so we thought we’d follow that with one of our team’s favorites for Friday Happy Hour at the office, JELL-O Shots! It’s hard to say no to a JELL-O shot. They come in sooo many flavors, have their own little cup like a…

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Summer Vodka Popsicle Recipes

You like fruit, you like vodka, you like popsicles…who doesn’t? To help move you quickly toward all your likings, we found a way to combine the three aforementioned likes into one. Before your skeptical brow can arch upwards, let us say — yes, you CAN freeze vodka. After some quick experimenting, an afternoon of mixing…

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4th of July Drink Recipes

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event. Here are some quick and easy drink recipes that will add sparks to your annual gathering!…

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Happy National Martini Day!

National Martini Day is celebrated each year on June 19.  This holiday is a day where adults can gather together and enjoy their favorite martini. The exact origin of the Martini is unknown, but the iconic drink has earned a permanent spot in the Hall of Fame of cocktails. The first recipe for a Martini…

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The Art of Herbal Mixology

The craft of the cocktail is founded upon fresh thinking. For nearly 200 years, the experimentation efforts of countless bartenders, has driven this art form forward. What you pour your cocktail over is now becoming just as important as the drink itself. By blending the ancient world of botanical medicine with that of the modern…

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Local Craft Brewing, Slow Food, & Local Sourcing – PART I

The Slow Food Movement is based on organic farming and sustainability. It stands for fair and clean food and combines the different interests of consumers and food producers by underlining the common values. Over the last five years, Slow Food has now grown from an amateur club to a brand and lifestyle movement with international…

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Easter Brunch and Lunch Cocktail Recipes

This Easter, after sunrise Service or just getting together with the family, may we suggest you follow a trend that some of the greatest Brunch Locations In America are following; serving brunch and lunch cocktails made of vodka and unique fruit and herb combinations. These libations go well with Eggs Florentine, French Toast, or a…

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50 Shades of Green- St. Patrick’s Day Drink Recipes

♣So its St. Patrick’s Day, and whatever your festivities might include…were guessing it definitely includes drinking. So the ♥Lust Vodka♥ team wanted to give you 3 different cocktails of varied strength, so if you’re an experienced St. Patrick Partier, we have a powerful libation, and a few meeker ones for those smaller “Leprechaun-Sized” drinkers. All three…

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Fashion Industry’s Spring Trends…Start From Lust Vodka

Around any crowded bar or kitchen counter, or at any party in general, Lust Vodka is a talking point. Because of the bold name itself, the product is discussed with laughs and blushed cheeks, and it serves itself because people are inclined to pour it after discussing the promiscuous name. As we head into spring,…

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