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How Should You Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

Many Americans do not know why Labor Day is a national holiday and have come to associate Labor Day weekend as the end of summer and the start of football season. In fact, Labor Day is intended to commemorate the men and women who fought for better working conditions and reasonable work hours in the…

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What is GMO…Why is it BAD?

GMOs are all over today’s food market. From processed and packaged foods, to your produce aisle, the FDA is approving GMOs everywhere. GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms whose make-up has been altered through genetic engineering. This process creates unnatural mixtures of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine urges doctors…

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American Presidents Like to Drink!

Go back through American History and you will find that a majority of our U.S. Presidents enjoyed a good cocktail, so as we head into President’s Day this Monday February 16th, we thought you might want to toast your favorite past President, with what they enjoyed drinking after a long day of running our Country. George Washington…

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Beach-Day-Drinks…For End-of-Summer

As summer is quickly coming to a close, everyone from young families to senior citizens are packing up for their last chance to get to the beach before the season is over. Once you have the bare necessities taken care of, i.e. the hotel room, a full tank of gas, and your new bikini/swim trunks……

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The History of Happy Hour

Happy Hour seems to be a go-to for men and women in the mid-afternoon. It is a beautiful time where drinks are often priced two-for-one or several dollars off. Some establishments also offer food and drink deals during Happy Hour, with half-off burgers or hors d’oeuvres and low-priced beers, mixed drinks, and glasses of wine…

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Vodka on the Go

In today’s day and age, there are several ways one can get a hold of alcohol. Simply driving to the store to pick up your favorite booze is no longer mainstream, as alcohol delivery services are popping up all over the nation, in most major cities. Everyone likes to have a drink every now and…

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Vodka as an Aperitif

  Wine and champagne food pairings are the true hosts of dinner parties. But how about hosting a meal in which the menu is paired with vodka? While wine is the most obvious choice in the United States, vodka offers a nice touch to even the finest of dinner cuisines. In fact, in other countries…

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Chocolate Cocktails

The chocolate martini was one of the iconic drinks that took the liquor world to a whole new level. Although not a ‘serious’ drink, the chocolate martini is a concoction that was specially blended for those lighthearted parties and informal social events. Over 50 years later, the chocolate martini is still being served at bars…

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Call it slow food, sustainable business, or local sourcing, but it’s all about supporting your local businesses right now in America, a trend that has been building for the last five years. If you’re looking for an example of the impact of sustainability in the food supply chain, look no further than retail giant Wal-Mart,…

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