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In today’s day and age, there are several ways one can get a hold of alcohol. Simply driving to the store to pick up your favorite booze is no longer mainstream, as alcohol delivery services are popping up all over the nation, in most major cities. Everyone likes to have a drink every now and then, especially if you are planning a party. Last minute get-togethers no longer have to mean spirit-free soirées. With delivery services that offer several of your favorite brands of wine, beer and liquor, the party can be brought right to your door, in as little as 20 minutes.


Several delivery companies run their services off of smartphone applications, which provide convenience and luxury to obtaining alcohol. All it takes is a quick download, and voila, your alcohol and garnishments are brought right to your door.




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One company, Drizly, explains how its delivery service works: “Consumers of legal drinking age simply download the app to their mobile phone and with a few taps of the finger, the consumer’s favorite beer, wine or liquor is on its way, in just 20-40 minutes. Delivery drivers then authenticate and validate ID’s using Drizly technology.” Drizly is currently available in cities its competitors have yet to reach, including: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, and many more.




Similar to Drizly, Thirstie is an on-demand liquor delivery, which offers the ease of bottle-service at the touch of a button. Thirstie eliminates having to hunt for a liquor store, wait in long lines and haul heavy bottles to your car. “We work with local stores to offer you the best selection of wine, beer and spirits. You can choose your bottles, select delivery times and even track your order in real time,” as stated on the company’s site.




At the other end of the spectrum are companies, such as Passion-Spirits, who will ship you alcohol from a specific retailer. Passion- Spirits’ website describes their services in further detail: “Passion Spirits provides a Site for the purpose of assisting consumers connect to Retailers to engage in the sale, service, and delivery of alcoholic beverage products (the “Products”) by Retailers.” Passion also verifies customer’s age to stay in cooperation with state laws. You are one only click away from having your favorite brands delivered right to you feet.


These are only three of the nationwide companies offering alcohol delivery. Check with your favorite local liquor store to see if, you too, can have alcohol conveniently delivered to your front step. When life happens and you don’t have time to pick up the booze, let someone else handle it for you.








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