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Wine and champagne food pairings are the true hosts of dinner parties. But how about hosting a meal in which the menu is paired with vodka? While wine is the most obvious choice in the United States, vodka offers a nice touch to even the finest of dinner cuisines. In fact, in other countries around the world, vodka is commonly incorporated into cooking or paired with the usual family dinner. With its palate-cleansing traits, this grain-based spirit enhances the flavors of several different cuisines. Pairing vodka with dinners and cocktail hours is the new trend nationwide.



Here are some tips for using vodka as an aperitif at your next dinner party:



1) The number one rule when crafting a vodka-based meal is to keep in mind vodka cuts through rich, creamy textures to help bring out the sweetness of a dish. Therefore, adding salty flavors will complement the acidity of well-crafted vodka by adding a smooth finish.



2) The most familiar vodka food pairing is also the most popular: Caviar.




With it oceanic flavors, caviar helps to brighten the smooth and clean flavor of vodka. In return, the vodka helps to cut through the fatty bitterness caviar tends to be known for. Try different varieties of caviar at the same time for an ideal palate cleanser.




3) Those of you who live for spicy foods, you’re in luck. Vodka helps cut through the heat of the spice, leaving you to fully experience the dish. It pairs well with a plethora of spicy cuisines, such as: Mexican, Indian and Thai.





4) If you are one who prefers the spice in your liquor rather than your food, try pairing spiced vodka, or something similar to Fireball, with dishes like pie, BBQ ribs or even chicken breast, if it is roasted just right.





The list of exquisite appetizers that make excellent vodka pairings goes on and on. Here is a helpful list of various snacks that compliment a few sips of vodka:








  • smoked fish

  • potato pancakes

  • crab cakes

  • salads

  • eggs

  • shrimp

  • various cheeses

Pairing vodka and food is an art that requires an understanding of the cocktail’s profile and scent. According to food and wine experts, “Indulging in the aroma of the vodka would help give you a pretty clear idea of which foods to pair it with.” Brilliantly clear, complex and vibrant, Lust-Vodka has subtle aromas of powdered sugar, anise, and wheat dough, making it sweet and inviting. Experimenting with various kinds of foods in addition to taste-testing different kinds of vodka is the best way to determine which flavors or tastes you wish to highlight.



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