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Summer means sipping on light beers and delicious frozen cocktails, why not try combining the two with thirst-quenching beer cocktails. They are cold and refreshing on a hot afternoon and will quench your thirst better than a few regular beers. Be creative and try mixing one of the many craft brews with your favorite cocktail.

Call it a Beer-Tail or ManMosa, even though mimosas and bellinis are synonymous with single 20s girl brunches, try mixing vodka beer and orange juice. It’s insanely crisp, refreshing, and rehydrating, and also perfect at brunch on a hot day. It’s our belief that it’s best when mostly blue moon and splashes of orange juice and champagne, topped with Lust-Vodka…but I’m sure you can vary the proportions for different tastes.

Next time you have brunch, or just want to day drink in a super classy way, tell your bartender to make you one of these:





Spiked Lemonade

Makes 1 drink


1 cup fresh lemonade, plus 1 splash
1 bottle light beer
1 1/2 ounces Lust-Vodka
Lemon slice for garnish


Combine ice and lemonade in a pint glass. Slowly pour beer into glass. Add Lust-Vodka and top it off with a splash of lemonade. Stir together. Garnish with a lemon slice.

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