Top 5 Reasons Liquor makes the best gift


Wine and spirits are sometimes the perfect gift, but not every bottle is the right choice for every person or setting. While a case of beer or a box of white wine with a sexy name may be appropriate for your best friend, it’s probably not a good choice for your employer. Make sure the person receiving the gift appreciates or drinks alcohol before making your selection. You seldom have to wrap a bottle of wine or spirits; a gift bag or simple bow will suffice.

The beauty of gifting quality alcohol is, quite simply, that the right bottle will compel the recipient to crack it open right away — and share. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), more than half of all Americans aged 21 or older report that they are current drinkers, and 51.9% of those surveyed said they were current drinkers, or an estimate 130.6 million people…So you should be good to go with about ½ the people on yourlusted2 gift list this year.

If you’ve never seen the person you intend to gift drinking alcohol, or you’ve never heard her talk about alcohol, reconsider the gift. Alcohol is not an appropriate gift for everyone. If you’re not sure, ask mutual friends what drinks she prefers, as this will not only help you determine whether alcohol is appropriate, but will also give you some direction in what bottle to buy.

Alcohol can make a good gift to take to a party or other social event. If you know the host, bring one of his favorite bottles.Otherwise, it is typically appropriate to bring a bottle of sparkling wine — a chardonnay is usually a good choice. For a vintage choice with a bit of color, try a sparkling rose. Never assume that the host will open the bottle you give at the party. It is always up to the host to open it or save it for another occasion.

When giving a bottle of alcohol to an employer or client, price should be a factor in your purchasing decision. Avoid cheap spirits especially ones that come in plastic bottles. A single malt Scotch, for example, is an impressive gift that will be remembered, whether or not the recipient chooses to drink it himself. A wine, such as a cabernet sauvignon or other quality red wine, makes a good gift, especially if the recipient appreciates wine, because it can be stored and aged for a memorable occasion. For coworkers, you can usually choose the same types of alcohol you would choose for a friend.

Etiquette should be less of a factor when buying alcohol for close friends and family members. In most cases, you should know what they prefer to drink. Alternatively, you may choose to give them something you enjoy yourself that you would like them to try.Fun-looking bottles with quirky names, like Lust-Vodka, can also make good gifts for people to whom you are close. Depending on your family dynamics, an exception may be your in-laws. Fora father-in-law, ask your spouse what his favorites are and get one of those. If he likes scotch, for example, an import he enjoys but doesn’t usually buy for himself, would likely be welcome

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