Top 3 Holiday Drink Recipes For 2015


This Holiday Season they are predicting more house guests and parties than ever before, and we know nothing will get a Holiday Party started right like a unique signature cocktail. When selecting a Signature cocktail for this year’s party, please remember a few golden rules:


• Your are picking a drink for the masses, so stay with something unique but still mainstream enough that everyone can at least try it.

• Don’t over mix, you can always have people drink a few more, but it’s hard to water down a good cocktail and still have the same experience.

• The Glassware you choose and the presentation, or HOW you serve the cocktail is sometimes as important as the recipe itself. Try large glass decorative servers.

• Unique garnishes, and those special tastes that come from adding organic herbs and natural flavors, are a huge trend right now in mixology.


Our three favorite recipes for the Holiday Season use Vodka, the most versatile and well liked liquor on the market today: One themed for Christmas, one for Hanukkah, and one that’s perfect for a New Year’s Eve Party.



3 parts Lust Vodka
4 parts cranberry
4 parts pomegranate
½ part lime juice
Garnish with an orange
Serve over rocks in a pint glass





BLUE ICE – (Great for Hanukkah)
1½ parts Lust Vodka
1 part coconut water
1 part cranberry juice
¾ part Curacao
Garnish with whole blueberries
Serve over rocks in a short rocks glass.





LUST COLA – (Perfect for New Year’s)
1½ parts Lust Vodka
¾ part Kahlua
¾ part cherry syrup
top off with favorite cola
Garnish with a cherry
Serve over rocks in a soda glass



Posted on December 4, 2014 in vodka

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