New Holiday Traditions – 2015


Looking for a new family tradition this Holiday Season. We recommend you try one of these four trends sweeping the country these last few years…and see what sticks.

Partake in Your First SantaCon. a bar crawl in which participants dress as Santa Claus or other Christmas characters. It is also known as Santarchy, Santa Rampage, the Red Menace, and Santapalooza. The Event,described by its organizers as a nonsensical Santa Claus convention, happens once a year at strategic times in different cities. To find local SantaCon locations and dates near you please click here.

Throw A White Elephant Gift Exchange or Yankee Swap, a Christmas party game found primarily in North American. Generally, white elephant parties need a minimum of six participants. White elephant parties have been known to result in playful rivalries between players trying to get sought-after items. The goal of a white elephant party is usually to entertain rather than to gain. The term “white elephant” refers to an extravagant but burdensome gift which cannot be easily disposed of, supposedly after the King of Siam gifted rare albino elephants to courtiers who had displeased him, that they might be ruined by the animals’ upkeep costs.

Celebrate National Regifting Day, an annual observance held each year on the Thursday before Christmas. Many office holiday parties are held on this day, and research shows that 40 percent of all office party gifts are regifted, that is, something given to someone and then re-given to another person without use. In 2008, the state of Colorado declared December 18, 2008, “National Regifting Day,” building and to give people a fun way to learn more about regifting dos and don’ts, and to start the conversation on a topic many people are reluctant to discuss—holiday spending and financial worries. The idea of re-gifting was made possible in a popular Seinfeld episode.

Start Your Own Annual Bottle Club by sending the same bottle of liquor to your five closest friends. They say a lucky man can count his friends on one hand, so celebrate those kindred spirits…with a kindred Spirit, so to speak. There are two ways to legally ship liquor in the US:

• Have a Liquor Distributor Send It – Many States have State-run liquor stores and they are licensed to ship alcohol for you–each State has its own stores, which can be found online. You can have them send the alcohol and save yourself the personal trouble and fear of breaking the law by trying to ship it yourself.
• Buy Liquor Online – Many brands work with online destinations and stores that can legally ship alcohol for you. One example is Passion Spirits, this is where we sell our Lust Vodka online all year round.

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